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"'Finding My Place' has a lovely style, full of grace, wit and humor."
Regina Brett, columnist, Cleveland Plain Dealer and author of God Never Blinks - Lessons for Life's Little Detours

"Judah Leblang suffers from delayed literary discovery syndrome. Reading (no, immersing in) the pages of FINDING MY PLACE feels like an accident: surely someone who writes this well has had previous outings and successes in prior books. But aside from his column 'Life in the Slow Lane' in the weekly newspaper Bay Windows (Boston area), this book subtitled 'One Man's Journey from Cleveland to Boston and Beyond...' would seem to be his debut. And if that is the case then be aware that a new intelligent, talented, witty, sensitive writer has just entered the arena of important new American writers!"
Grady Harp, Top 10 Reviewer,

"Part memoir, partly a prolonged (and delightful) "coming of age" story, Boston writer Leblang's first book is a series of witty and touching vignettes, looking back at different minor (at the time) milestones in his life, and how much they made him the man he is today ... Often self deprecating (such as buying and wearing a "WWJD" cap from a Christian store, thinking they were the call letters of a local radio station), introspective (noting that it took a heart attack to turn his father into the kinder, more patient Dad he always wished he could be), uplifting (remembering his regular excursions into Cleveland with his grandmother), and insightful (working with the deaf community helped him better understand his journey as a gay man), Leblang's words will leave you smiling and thinking."
Bob Lind, Echo Magazine, Phoenix, Arizona

" ... This is a story that we can all share because we are all or have all been on a search for ourselves. We, like the author, are defined by the events we have been part of and by the people we have known. We lose and we win and we eventually come to terms with who we are. However, most of us cannot write about it the way Leblang does. He writes with pride and he writes with a defiance that makes us proud and angry as we go with him on his journey ... Leblang handles detail beautifully and I loved the last chapter when Judah tells us how he became Judah and stopped being Bruce. This is one of the more beautiful reads I have had this year and even though I read it in 2010, it is going right to the top of my favorite books of 2009 and I suspect it will also be on my favorite books of all time."
Amos Lassen, Top 100 Reviewer,


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